Friday, March 22, 2013

The Yoga Geese Are Gone ...
...And Other Signs of Spring.

People here in Chicago have been a bit thermometer obsessed lately. The calendar says it's Spring, but the thermometer makes one wonder. The unseasonably cold temperatures have been even more discouraging as we remember the spate of 80 degree days we had last Spring. However, despite the fact that I am still wearing my heavy, winter coat, there are signs that Spring is here.

A few weeks ago I happened upon a small group of geese, which I nicknamed the 'Yoga Geese' because one of them was standing on one leg, reminding me of the 'Tree Pose' in yoga. I have to say, I was impressed with the goose's ability to maintain the pose, especially in the midst of falling snow!

Tree Pose
(c) 2012 Eric E. Paige, All Rights Reserved

The following week it looked like the other geese had gotten into the act, doing variations of 'Cobra', 'Downward Dog', and poses that I couldn't even identify, let alone attempt.

(c) 2013 Eric E. Paige, All Rights Reserved
Yoga Goose
(c) 2013 Eric E. Paige, All Rights Reserved
Downward Dog
(c) 2013 Eric E. Paige, All Rights Reserved

Last week, I couldn't wait to see what poses my avian friends would be practicing, but they were no longer on the ground. They were flying high over head as part of a much larger flock. The Spring Migration had begun, and this week there was not a goose to be seen on the ground or in the sky.

There are other signs of Spring as well. If you look around, the buds are swelling on some of the trees and the other day I saw a squirrel digging up part of it's winter stash (and boy did I get glared at -- don't worry Mr. Squirrel, despite my love for unusual foods, acorns are not on my list!). The sun is rising a little earlier and setting a little later each day. If geese, squirrels, and longer days aren't enough to convince you, here is a picture I took on the first day of Spring. These hardy flowers knew, despite temps below freezing, Spring had arrived, and it was their time to blossom.

(c) 2013 Eric E. Paige, All Rights Reserved

It can be hard to get into the 'Spring of things' with the weather being so cold, but if bird, squirrels, and crocuses can do it, then so can we! If your still having trouble, I have uploaded some of my favorite photos from last year's protracted summer to my photography gallery. Go to, select 'Works' and then click the link in the Photography Gallery (plenty of summery artwork in the painting galleries, too!)

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