Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring is Springing Up...
...Don't Miss Out

This is my favorite season of the year. After being cooped up all winter, the weather is starting to turn pleasant (albeit a little more slowly than I'd like). We are getting to that part of spring where things start moving quickly. The crocuses have given way to daffodils, hyacinths, and bluebells.  Hard to believe that over a two week period the blossoms on this magnolia tree have bloomed and are already starting to rust and fall to the ground.

(c)2012 Eric E. Paige, All Rights Reserved

Magnolia Blossom
(c)2012 Eric E. Paige, All Rights Reserved
They say no two days are alike and in no other season is that more true than in Spring. This ginkgo tree near my building came to life with the recent spike in Chicago temperatures (it was in the 80s on Tuesday and Wednesday).  These two pictures were taken on Monday and Tuesday -- what a difference a day makes:

Ginkgo Bud on Monday....
(c)2012 Eric E. Paige, All Rights Reserved way to Ginkgo Leaves on Tuesday!
(c)2012 Eric E. Paige, All Rights Reserved
Spring is a fickle and fleeting season, so take the time to enjoy it in all it's glory, each and EVERY day. Overnight a tree can go from barren to budding, and before you know it, it is in full leaf.  Part of the reason I love macro photography is that it allows us to look at the little details of our every day surroundings. The pistils and stamens of flowers and blossoms are incredibly delicate and detailed. The shapes that Spring leaves make as they unfurl are absolutely graceful and the palette of Spring is every bit as diverse as the most spectacular display of Fall foliage.  

Over the course of this past week I have shot more than a thousand images which I am whittling down for you, but in the meantime, check out your own surroundings.  Enjoy those vistas, but look closely at the tiniest of details: the center of a flower can be just as breathtaking as a range of mountains or a dramatic sunset!

(c)2012 Eric E. Paige, All Rights Reserved

Yellow Tulip
(c)2012 Eric E. Paige, All Rights Reserved
(c)2012 Eric E. Paige, All Rights Reserved

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