Saturday, December 5, 2015

Quick Solutions...
...Easy and Inexpensive Tie, Belt, and Scarf Rack

Even when you're a household of one, living in 540 square is not without its challenges. One  of the keys to living in a small space is using your limited storage space to the fullest. This project allowed me to take advantage of a small section of wall space in my clothes closet. I bought a great set of hooks at Marshalls for $5.99, but they are for hanging over a door, and as my closet has bifold doors, 'over the door' isn't an option.  Fortunately, there's an easy solution:


I started by screwing two pieces of scrap wood to the wall. I had to use two so I could 
clear the wiremold.  The total length needs to be at least 4 inches less then the width 
of the rack.


I then nailed a longer piece of 1 x 2 over the scrap wood. The total length should 
be slightly longer than the rack. For a more finished look, I used a brad nailer 
instead of screws. When warmer weather returns, I will paint the wood to match 
the wall.


I then hung the over the door rack over the strip of the wood. That's it!

Scarves, Ties, and Belts Organized and Within Easy Reach